Bucket List

I am currently in the process of developing a bucket list (things I have completed and things I want to complete before I die). Once it is done I will post the link on here for all to view. I think it’s a really good idea. Especially for someone like me who has such an active mind constantly thinking what I want to do and what have I already done that I should be proud of and never forget. It’s good to have it in black and white plus it’s good to keep reviewing over the years to see how well it’s going plus monitor how often you change your attitude on what you view as an achievement. Watch this space.



A big part of my life has been the relationships I have had. Two long term ones, one on & off from 13-19, the next on & once off from 19-23. Rather dangerous I know but I have learnt so much from them, I’m an expert to be honest. My first was definitely my childhood sweetheart, we had a good childhood/teenage years together. Totally worth it and I hope he is a friend for life. The next was just a long term fling to be honest, we had some good times together but that chapter was over a long while ago. I have learnt some positive things such as how to love, how to care for somebody, how to dedicate yourself to someone, how it feels to have butterflies but also how it feels when them butterflies go but you want them to stay. I hate saying it but I have learnt more negative than positives about relationships and I want that to change. I’m hoping my current boyfriend is able to do that, he seems pretty successful so far but only time will tell. Some things I have continuously done whilst in any relationship is still do what I WANT to do, not what they want me to do or what anybody else wants me to do. I have always stuck by that rule as well as DO NOT ditch your friends. Maybe that is one of the reasons my relationships weren’t exactly successful because I stuck by that rule (definitely the right decision). They weren’t bad though either so I can’t complain. I have learnt that people come and people go, life goes on. Maybe it’s a good thing to have learnt fairly young but maybe it’s a bad thing as it could lead me into having a more laid back attitude towards my new relationship, I’m going to try not to let it affect it but I can’t help but expect it to not work at times. I have learnt that being alone is actually healthy but also sharing your time if you do it correctly with someone is also healthy too. I’ve learnt that men and women are 2 different species that psychologically don’t fit. I’ve learnt just be open, say what you think and feel. If they don’t like it then at least you were honest. Arguing is also healthy as long as it’s not too often, I used to think it was super bad but now I’ve realised it’s just natural human behaviour. I think I know what I want in a man now. I hope I’ve found it… I like being in a relationship, hence why I have always been in one but I have also lost a bit of faith in them which I’m hoping to regain. If I don’t regain it, it will only be me that suffers in the long run. If I am on my own for the rest of my life then so be it, I will just have lots of dogs instead! Joke. I doubt I will be alone but I really hope I marry the person that is right for me and the person that I am right for too. I just want someone who shares my same attitudes, wants an adventure, is affectionate, caring, honest and trustworthy. Every girls dream I know. Mo seems like a fitting potential so far, lets hope he keeps his German efficiency in the relationship too!

My career goals

Whilst I have been travelling I have put my career on hold. It will probably stay this way for a while. I haven’t thought about it much either apart from the past few days. I have always wanted to start my own business. I’ve always said I want to be the employer and not the employee. I’ve never given it much thought though. Since I have been travelling I have seen a different side to certain businesses and the way that they work. It has really made me think about what sort of business I would like to have. I have many years to work this out as first of all, I need money. I will need to be employed/be in a career first of all so I can get some money behind me to put into a business. I want to keep it simple. I will need to work out what is my product, I have always been interested in property investment but that is easy if you can afford to do it. I would like to start some form of small business, test the water and then aim to progress it. Maybe develop a chain or even an empire!! I’m thinking big here but I understand I will need to start small first which is my aim. Over the next few years/whilst I am travelling I am going to keep a business journal (my cousins idea) so that when it comes to it, I have different ideas logged in particular from different countries so that I am ready to start. I would love to make a name for myself as a successful independent business woman who has done it all by herself, just for the ladies out there!
In the meantime I want to have a career to focus on. I have obviously been in the sport & fitness industry throughout my life so far, that is what my degree is in but my passion seems to have faded, I suppose that is what growing up does to you. However the passion that always seems to have been there is my passion for an exciting/unpredictable job in which I can use my social skills and many other skills that I may have. The emergency service seems to appeal to me, in particular the fire service, also the police force. If I entered either one of these I would like to progress within the rankings/become an expert in a specific area. Investigation is sticking out to me at the minute (I’m probably watching too much Dexter). Anything that involves working with people, psychology and challenging issues is what I feel I would be my strongest aspects. Working within the armed forces also interests me but yet again I would like to be a specialist in a certain area. These are quite intense challenging jobs but that is what appeals to me. Once I get back to the UK on a permanent basis I will definitely be looking into these as a career. I hope I have a good chance of getting my foot in the door. Whilst travelling jobs such as working in a bar, travel agency, shops etc appeal to me. All jobs that I can do around the world with minimal stress. It’s just money and a relaxed environment that I want whilst travelling. I also aim to do voluntary work, in particular with animals & children in poor parts of the world. I feel it will be very rewarding and it will open my eyes to a lot. Maybe give me a few ideas on starting some form of charity when I have more life experience behind me. Always something I’ve wanted to do.
So there are my career thoughts within a nutshell, very vague but that is how it is right now. I just want to be successful, be proud of myself, an expert at what I do plus make enough money so that I can support myself, any children that I may have an be in a position where money is not exactly an issue. Cha Ching.

A post dedicated to my German boy

Whilst travelling, I met a boy called Moritz. He’s from Hamburg in Germany. He is so German it is unreal but I like it! We have had to face a few challenges along the way, with the main one being the obvious one, we are from 2 separate countries. Luckily both in Europe however, it could be a lot worse.
I want to blog about him because he has been a big part of my life whilst in Australia and I want the world to know how amazing he is as a person. He makes me so happy, he treats me like I’ve never been treated before and I have never been able to open up so much to someone of the male species, even though I have been in 2 long term relationships previously. He is a lot different to me, no where near as loud nor crazy but he accepts me like that and manages to neutralise me with his calming, confident aura. He over thinks like me, he is very opinionated like me, often resulting in rather pointless arguments but that’s what makes us who we are. It’s always a very healthy debate with proof that we work well together because the issue always gets solved. We express all our emotions to each other and I love being around him. I never feel stressed, just myself, totally relaxed. He seems just as driven like me which is really helpful because I don’t meet many people who have an active driven mind like I do. The list could go on about him. I have no negatives to say about him other than him telling me off about being a bit ridiculous sometimes but I sometimes need that reality slap. He will happily give it to me. I just want to thank him for being a part of my life and being such an understanding person. I really hope we have a happy future together, so far it is looking positive, we both put equal amounts of effort in to help keep the distance from becoming an issue. And if we don’t work in the future, I’m just thankful I met him and he made me realise that perfect boys do exist.



All things healthy. Diet, Exercise & CrossFit

Okay. All I’m going to say on this part whilst I have been travelling is BIG FAT FAIL!! Definitely the only negative (other than missing my loved ones) of travelling. I have found it impossible for the first time in my life to keep on track with something that is so important to me. I am about to come back to England. First on my list is get back on track, get back in shape and regain my strength & fitness that I once had. At least I know for when I come back that this is a problem and I can hopefully prepare for it a bit better, plus teach myself some more well needed self-discipline.
The type of diet that I firmly believe in is definitely the palaeolithic diet. It totally makes sense. What did we eat years ago when we were first designed? Yes maybe not exactly easy to understand and confirm to be correct but nearer than most diets in my eyes. Limited sugar (unrealistic nowadays to cut it out completely), limited processed foods and carbohydrates. Plenty of meat, fish, veg, plants and natural fats. Simple. But very difficult, particularly when travelling as I have found.
Another diet I have been following and one that is a bit easier whilst travelling is the intermittent fasting diet. Done in many different ways and very controversial I know but I did it and it made me feel really good. I did 2 days a week where at first I did a full fast for 24 hours so I would stop eating at 7pm for example and not eat again till 7pm the next day. Fairly easy to be honest. I then changed it to the traditional way which is consuming 500 calories on 2 days twice a week, this is still considered as a fast. Lots of research are backing this diet confirming that good results are coming from it but on a personal level, I believe fasting isn’t as bad as we think. Our bodies store fat for a reason, to keep us warm and to store emergency/spare energy in case we can’t eat at any point, if fasting was bad and our bodies weren’t designed to fast then surely we wouldn’t store much fat from a scientific basis. That is all I will say on this topic, it’s my personal opinion, everyone else may feel different.
Next up is one of my favourite things in the world…. CrossFit!
It’s an addictive form of torture that we call exercise. Constantly varied, functional, high intensity. With some crazy ass moves which everyone that seems to do it loves and becomes part of the cult! I personally wouldn’t train any other way now. My strength and fitness was at its best and I just love going to the classes, even though at the time I think there is something seriously wrong with me that I class this as a ‘hobby’ but all I can say is anyone who is into exercise and fitness, try it and tell me what you think. My box (the name we use for the gym/club/torture house) is in Leicester, Crossfit Leicester. The coaches and the owners are just amazing. I have made some lifelong friends there and I am so excited to get back into it, one of the main reasons I am going back home is so I can be a part of it again for a few months. The group/team feel that we have each session is so motivating and different to any other exercise environment I have ever been in (which is a lot). I do crossfit on my own too but it’s not the same and a lot more difficult to motivate myself. I also went to a box in Sydney, Crossfit Active. Chad Mackay is the owner, current 2# in Australia and 9th in the world. It was an amazing experience to train with these athletes who are at world standard and have been doing it for a few years, they made me feel very welcomed and very inspired. I am hoping to go back and train there if I am in Sydney for a few months when I go back to oz, that is another reason I want to settle in Sydney for a while. If not then I am going to make sure there is another box somewhere for me to go. Top priority. Anyway, I can’t wait to get back into it again, coach Andy needs to give me a massive kick up the arse. See you guys soon (not that you know I’m coming back seen as its a surprise mwahahaha).


New Zealand

My final travel destination was New Zealand, I have never paid much attention to this place, always assuming it was just like oz. How wrong was I! It is by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited, I fell totally in love with it.
We flew to Auckland, spent one night there (mainly sleeping from our all nighter in Sydney the night before), we then flew to Christchurch and picked up a campervan. From here we drove down the middle of the South Island with our goal destination being Queenstown. We went to Lake Tekapo, stayed a night here, then we went to Mount Cook and onto Wanaka, stayed here for a night then arrived in Queenstown where we stayed for the majority of our trip. We intended to visit numerous other places but we loved Queenstown so much we just stayed here. We then managed to get a day of skiing in which was amazing, I knew I would love it but now I have the bug for it. I wasn’t the best but I know I will improve and I want to become a pro! H
Wink wink. We then ran out of money, scraped our way back to Christchurch (ended up sleeping in the car park of the campervan rental place), got to Auckland, had a real nightmare which I don’t want to relive but put it this way, every backpacker should feel our pain at some point, being over the other side of the world with no money to pay for accommodation, relying on McDonalds free wifi to contact family & friends to help us out as we had no phone signal. Thank The Lord for McDonalds free wifi!! Saved us!
Anyway, back to the places we visited. Lakes, snowy mountains, scenery that you only see in movies and we were here, driving right through it. Stopping in dangerous places to take photos! Hardly any cars on the roads, driving down roads for a couple of hours with not much in sight other than beautiful views. Such a good experience. Every corner we turned both of us were like “wow”. One minute your in deep snow (Mount Cook) an hour down the road to Wanaka, pure greenery, so surreal. The people in New Zealand were by far the friendliest people I have ever come across. We felt so welcomed everywhere we went, customer service was there unlike in Australia (sorry Aussies but you know it’s true) but it had a real personal feel to it, they genuinely seemed pleased to see us, asking questions about where we are from, where we are going etc. Everyone just seemed so happy… But to be honest, so would I if I lived there too. I want to go back to work as because I’m British I get a 2 year working visa (I think), I definitely want to work the ski season out there. Will be amazing. Queenstown was perfect. A small town surrounded by mountains but it had everything you needed and the vibes that any city girl wants. We had a wicked night out there (not that I remember much) but everyone was dressed in casual clothes, hats & scarves, fires burning in the bars, such a warm feeling. I just can’t wait to go back!


















Hippy Central (Byron Bay & Nimbin)

The 2 coolest places I visited whilst in oz was Byron Bay & Nimbin.
Lets start with Nimbin… Cannabis central. Such a surreal place. It’s basically a street, full of shops & cafes, all promoting drugs, in particular cannabis, lets be honest. I don’t do drugs and never have done but I loved it here. It’s like no other place I’ve been. People with dreadlocks & baggy trousers everywhere, people playing guitars, singing away, dealers approaching you “Weed? Cookies?”. I don’t know if I could stay here for very long but when you want to escape the ‘real’ world then visit Nimbin!
I went to Byron Bay twice whilst in oz, once with my friends and then I visited my cousin and my aunty & uncle who were visiting from the UK. It was a really special time both times I visited, it was our first trip as a group of friends together and it was also the first time I had seen my family from back home in a few months. So Byron created some happy memories for me. Not just this though. It’s a really nice place, it’s a town, with some nice pubs/bars and lots of cool bars, a chilled environment with a beautiful beach. I felt at home here. Crazy people everywhere, I slotted right in. It’s strange because its a family town too, a real holiday feel to it but then it also has all these extroverts living there too, nothing bad though, all happy and light hearted. We just chilled for the whole time whilst we were there. We stayed at our friends brothers place who lives there, he welcomed 4 people into his house who he had never met, we were really grateful for that. His house was beautiful, it was a wooden house in the trees, with a beautiful balcony. I would love to have a home like that. The weather wasn’t the best both times I visited but we managed to get a few sunny days which we made the most of. The boys went surfing, I got thrown in the sea just after I spent an hour drying myself off. The joys of having male friends. We had a night out too, very entertaining. We met an Australian called Morgan who had stolen some girls blue bike, very funny to see her shouting at him because he had stolen her ‘blue’ bike, she kept putting the colour in there each time she mentioned bike. I don’t know why she felt the need to keep reinforcing the fact that is was blue. Morgan was highly amused and very pleased with himself. We loved him to be honest, naughty but harmless.
I loved Byron & Nimbin because of the atmosphere when you were there. You have to experience it to appreciate it. 20130702-201302.jpg20130702-201349.jpg20130702-201416.jpg20130702-201456.jpg







What I have learnt about life & myself

Travelling has definitely been the most life changing experience but I suppose that was expected. That is one of the reasons I want to continue for a few years, I feel there is a lot more to learn and I am definitely in search of myself, more than before.
I’m very philosophical so be prepared for my waffle in this blog…
I have always been a fairly happy person but it is safe to say that after I finished university in 2010, something just wasn’t right. Deep down I knew it was because I felt that life had come to a halt. I visioned travel & continuous fun after university/my early twenties but this wasn’t happening. I was working, in a relationship that wasn’t exactly going anywhere, not achieving too much, pretty damn bored to be honest. Looking back, I needed to work for a couple of years after university anyway, to earn money and to get some work experience under my belt, so overall it has all been a success. It was the break up of my relationship that sent me on my journey (thank god for that break up) I always knew I would travel at some point, me & my boyfriend had been planning to go together but deep down I knew he was just saying it, I could tell he wasn’t as passionate as me about going, I knew that a some point I would have the big decision to make, travelling or him. Luckily he decided that for me and broke up with me, definitely the best thing that happened to me, I want to thank him for that. No anger towards him what so ever now even if it wasn’t the best of break ups. It changed my attitudes as a person and I realised I needed to just go because now was my chance! Within 6 weeks I had booked my flight to Australia. I think people thought I was all talk. However anyone that knows me well will know I’m not all talk, if I say I’m going to do something I will. So December 6th 2012, here I am finally putting into place a life long goal, TRAVELLING!! So what have I learnt from it all? I will list them below.

This thing called life…
1. Anything is possible if you really want to achieve it, just go for it, don’t think about it too much, just do it.
2. Be grateful for everything you have, so many people are less fortunate than us, they have hardly anything, we have no right to complain.
3. Have goals but don’t plan or expect too much, I used to expect too much and always end up disappointed, I changed that attitude when I arrived in oz, things still turn out successful and I am never disappointed.
4. Be happy. My favourite quote that I would like as a tattoo at some point. “Joy & happiness occurs when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are. It is a method of life, not a destination”.
5. Love & laugh as much as possible. The 2 things that make most people happy. Make the most of all the amazing people you have around you, love them, laugh with them, every day, as much as possible.
6. Be yourself & continuously learn about yourself, accept your negatives, enhance your positives, the key to life.
7. Life is scarily short, don’t waste time on negativity, be as positive as possible, appreciate everything.
8. There is more to life than relationships, yes it’s a big part but life alone is just as good!

All easier said than done but they are the rules I have been following and for the majority of time in oz, I totally forgot what stress and unhappiness felt like.

1. I’m loud. Extremely loud at times.
2. I’m very English. I think it’s a good thing.
3. I laugh a lot & I love to joke around.
4. I get too drunk lately, something I want to change.
5. I’m very bossy & confrontational at times.
6. I make friends easily, maybe because I’m a very open person, I like to think everyone knows where they stand with me, whether it’s good or bad.
7. I have lots to say and I’m not willing to accept others views, definitely on track to change this.
8. If I go quiet, people think there is something wrong with me. But there isn’t. Just time out.
9. I over think, I knew this already, I’m getting a lot better though.
10. I’m very positive & happy, I don’t care if anybody thinks different, I know I am.
11. I often get my priorities slightly wrong.
12. I’m not the best with money and I’m not very money orientated, I somehow get by but having fun & being happy is priority to me.
13. I am on a mission to travel the world.
14. And do very well in life when it comes to a career.
15. I’m very confident, sometimes a bit big headed.
16. I daydream often.
17. I have a few OCD’s, in particular, spillage’s, bed sheets other than my own, tea & coffee.
18. I’m very impatient, I get grumpy if I’m bored or having to wait. I want everything NOW not later.
19. I love writing and talking about myself, the call to stop this blog right here.

So there you go, much more to learn! But a lot already learnt. In particular I want to visit different countries that can challenge me mentally, teach me about different cultures and also make me aware of the different ways of life that people lead.









The Australian Cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast

I have visited and stayed in some of the main cities in Australia, I still have a few more to visit but I am going to do an overview on the ones I have visited so far.
First stop was Sydney which I have blogged about before. This is my favourite city, I think because it was the first stop of my travelling my heart landed here and stayed here. Arriving here was really significant for me, I proved to myself and everyone around me that I will step into the big wide world, on my own. I stayed in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with my cousin & his family, such a beautiful neighbourhood, the harbour just at the end of the road topped it for me. Sydney city is a beautiful, big, bright and chaotic city. Some people find it too much but I love it. I think because I didn’t permanently live within the city, I lived on the outskirts, I was able to escape the hustle and bustle when I wanted to. When I came back here a few months later with the German boys, I realised how much I did like it. I love being at the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it’s such a famous place and it has that spectacular feeling to it. I also love Darling Harbour, I love all the restaurants that surround the water, you can just sit, eat & relax there.
Sydney is also famous for a few of its beaches, in particular Bondi, I love it here too. It has that real Australian feel to it, surfers, sun, sea & sand. Overall I don’t have many negative things to say about Sydney, I still have lots more places to visit around there and it is one of my top places to consider living and working for a while when I come back to Australia for my second year.
The next city I visited was Brisbane, I also really liked here too, however it’s a lot smaller than Sydney but that is probably why a lot of people prefer it. It had a different feel to it, a more laid back feel. Brisbane also has water next to the city which I love, we don’t have anything like this in England so that is probably why I appreciate it. It has the high rises just like your typical Australian cities and a lot of cool, hip places to visit. I haven’t spent that much time in Brisbane but I feel that I seen enough of it to make a judgement. If you want a relaxed city, that has everything you need but without the hustle & bustle, then Brisbane is your place.
I then went to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. A nice place but my least favourite. Maybe I didn’t spend long enough to make a judgement but I have also heard other people’s opinions being the same as mine, this however could have sent me with a negative view of it before I even arrive which I apologise for because I don’t believe in doing that. I haven’t got much to say about it other than it being a small, typical Australian city with a beach right in front of it. Not much stood out to me unfortunately. I can’t see myself going back there either unless I have a specific reason. Sorry Surfers.
The fourth city is Melbourne. I built high hopes for this place and it didn’t exactly meet my expectations, I did really like it and I can see why people love it but it just didn’t impress me as much as I wanted it to for some unknown reason that I can’t explain to myself either. I really want to go back here again in my second year and give it another chance because I think it deserves it! I think the weather may have played a big part so next time I am going to go in the summer. It was really, really cold and I hate the cold so it was hard to enjoy a lot of it. We stayed in a pretty nice hostel in Melbourne called Urban Central, newly refurbished and really clean which is the most important thing for me. We went to Melbourne zoo which was the highlight for me because I just love animals! There are lots of cool places to visit and it is rather big, definitely worth a visit, even a second one in my case!
Overall the Australian cities are rather similar and how I expected to be honest; cool, relaxed, high rises, lots of cafes, very clean, busy and lots of different things to see around each corner.
Next on my list for my second year is Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Canberra & Adelaide. Exciting stuff.














6 months in Australia… Farm life in Laidley, Queensland

I have been living/travelling in Australia for over 6 months now. I can safely say it has been the best and most exciting 6 months of my life. It has consisted mainly of working & living in rural Australia, a place called Laidley, 1 hour inland of Brisbane QLD. I have managed to do some trips too with the highlights being Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Nimbin and New Zealand. I will post about these individually. I have plenty more left to see and the main reason I did my farm work was so that I could gain a second year working visa which I have just completed (5 months later). The reason I did it straight away because I wanted to get it out of the way as I knew after being here a month I would want to stay longer. It proved to be a good decision as it hasn’t been quite so easy getting work on the farms therefore taking me 2 months longer than originally expected. If you leave it too late you run the risk of not getting the work, if you leave it to the last 3 months of your first year visa and it takes you longer, you’re screwed. So do it as soon as you can if you know you want to stay. Plus you can earn & save decent money (if your sensible unlike me).
I have had 4 jobs in total over the past few months. I did a job called Roguing, we basically had to walk up and down a long field full of grain (around 2km long) and chop down any unwanted crops that were growing, I hated this job, too many flies, too hot and too lonely for my liking. We lost this job because of the Queensland floods. We then started picking sweet corn whilst waiting for something better to come along, we hated this job too in particular the contractors that employed us and the horrible wet mornings. I nearly lost my mind one day, I got so stressed and wound up I just wanted to walk away but thanks to my German friend (who is now my boyfriend) he made me feel a lot better and I carried on. The highlight of this job was sitting in the big bins that we put the corn in that were on the back of the tractor, the contractors always used to tell us off for it but the tractor drivers were cool & let us ride in them. Manu fell out of the bin one day, straight into the field, was highly amusing.
We had quite a few weeks where we were out of work. It rained for around 40 days continuously (what a coincidental number). Laidley got hit real hard with the floods, the backpackers at Homestyle Lodge helped to clean up the town. The devastation was unreal. Houses destroyed and lives turned upside down. Twice in 2 years they got hit, air of them had no insurance because of the first lot of floods in 2011. Opened my eyes to a lot of things, it reinforced me to continue to be positive & grateful for the life that I live.
After the rain stopped we got a job at our landlords sons farm, picking persimmons. This went on for 3 weeks. I didn’t mind this job to be honest. It was fairly easy, we just had to stand on a machine and go up and down rows of trees cutting down persimmons for 10 hours a day. I managed to get a nice tan and I just listened to my music & podcasts for the whole day. I would rather this than have to listen to Tom for the whole day (the boy I was on the machine with), we both didn’t exactly see eye to eye on most occasions, I think he found me too much sometimes, rather intimidating and confrontational but I couldn’t help myself a lot of the time. The highlight of this job was throwing rotten persimmons at the other workers (our friends of course), they would splat everywhere, I took a few to the back of the head. Disgusting. I also managed to somehow reverse the machine into the netted fence and put a huge hole in it. Sorry farmer Ross.
My final job was by far the best, we worked at a plant nursery called Pohlmans. 140 acres big, apparently one of the biggest in Australia. Me & Manu started in trees & shrubs, we used to weed, move plants around, pot plants, really easy stuff. Then we moved to potted colour once Mother’s Day came close, we spent a few weeks putting plastic sleeves on Chrysanthemums, rather monotonous but we just talked rubbish to eachother all day long. We then left to go travelling and I came back after, I then became a ‘packer’, definitely the best job, taking orders and packing the flowers, then sending them off to company’s such as Woolworths, Big W, Kmart etc. I actually really enjoyed it. The highlight of this job was involving Manu yet again when he broke one of the sprinklers, we didn’t think it would be so bad and they probably would’t notice… until Tony turned them on and it was spraying vertically upwards so powerfully, me & Manu were crying with laughter, it was rather obvious that we had broken it. When I come back to Australia in October I am hoping to work at Pohlmans for another few weeks just to gain a bit of money to start me off again. But we will see.
That is the work that I did in a nutshell. The most important part of my time in Laidley though is the fun that I had at the hostel and the friends I made. Totally amazing. I have never laughed so much and I have never developed such an amazing bond with a group of people. I met so many cool people from France, Germany, Estonia, England, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Italy, America, Spain, Finland, Belgium, just to name a few. However the ones that are the most important to me and the ones that I want to be friends for life with are Moritz, Manu, Kaisi & Andre. Plus Billy but he is my childhood friend. Our cool little family had so many fun times together, so many funny, crazy moments, so many silly arguments and a few really intense, emotional moments too. They made my time in Laidley even better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you guys, I hope we can have a reunion soon. Overall we had so many mental nights in the hostel involving goon (the horrible boxed wine we drank), beer pong, the swimming pool, strip poker, skinny dipping, play fights, pool table, table tennis, Harlem Shake, brownies, yoga, Bradley’s bike, loud music, all nighters, chocolate eclairs, mojitos, toe nails, dancing in the corridor and pissing numerous people off who had work the next day. I am never going to forget the memories here. I definitely had a life changing time here and I learnt so much about myself. Thank you Laidley. See you soon.